Conversations With my Mother-in-law

Mom:  So what’s new?
Me:  Not much. Oh!  I entered my short story in another contest, so wish me luck!

Mom:  That’s exciting!  Good luck!

Me:  If I happen to win first place I’d have enough money to publish my novel!

Mom:  (smiles and nods)

Me:  OR…buy a LOT of booze. I haven’t decided yet. 

Mom:  (blank stare)

Either A. She didn’t think I was funny, or B. She was planning an intervention. 

I’m not sure…


4 responses to “Conversations With my Mother-in-law

  1. Good luck with the short story contest! Maybe if you’re really lucky you could publish your novel AND buy a lot of booze …or at least some booze. You gotta celebrate, right?


  2. From your Mother-in-Law:
    You are a funny, quick witted and a great writer. I know that if you keep trying someday you’ll get published and hopefully be able to buy a NEW
    truck full of booze.


    • Oh thank God it wasn’t an intervention you were planning. I mean, you’d throw a great intervention and all, I’m just not really quite there yet. Thank you for the kind words. You made my day. ❤


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