I Resolve To Have Resolutions

Well 2013 was an amazing year!  I managed to stay out of prison for the 36th consecutive year in a row, my husband hasn’t smothered me in my sleep, yet.  AND I was able to put off my first mammogram.

I took a look at last years resolutions and had a good laugh.  I never actually follow through with any of my resolutions.  The only reason I make them in the first place is because of peer pressure.  All the cool people are doing it.  I make my resolutions before midnight on the 31st and by 2 a.m. I’ve already forgotten what I resolved to do.  So I’ve discovered a different way to do resolutions that may work better for me.  12 Months 12 Challenges.  Instead of cramming a million resolutions into the whole year, I’ll break it down month by month.  Baby steps.

For January’s challenge, I’m simplifying my house using a book called 30 Days to a Simpler Life by Connie Cox & Chris Evatt.  Clearly Connie and Chris have never been to my home.  It’s going to take me 30 days just to simplify my closet.  I’m thinking about getting rid of the majority of my husbands clothes.  That’ll be easier than parting with my own.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

In the meantime, I wish you all a safe and happy new year, filled with love, health, and lots of sparkly things.  Thanks for sticking with me through 2013!

What about you?  What kind of resolutions do you have planned?


8 responses to “I Resolve To Have Resolutions

  1. Thanks for the hilarity! Happy New Year from me, Mystereum, and The Divination Studio! I bet your husband won’t mind your solution. Will give you more room to expand your simplicity, too.


  2. And, give you more room to put the things you “simplify” from the rest of the house.


  3. 1wanderingtruthseeker

    I pledge to be fat, old and medicated. Those are the ones I can keep!


  4. I full-on dig the intro cartoon meme! Heck, If you write your New Year’s resolutions on a piece of paper, you already have a side of a piece of paper to ignore, turn over, and recycle to use for a list of errands for February. And, when those are done, OOPS, circular file. New Years resolutions DONE (for)!. I guess preparation IS everything.


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