On New Puppies and Poop



photo (3)

Look at those angry eyebrows!

So this is Puck (as in hockey puck), the newest addition to the Rochon household.  Aside from eating cat poop, he’s very smart and follows basic commands.  In addition, he understands “Puck drop” “Puck no” and “Puck off”.  He is part German Shepherd, and part Shar Pei.

photo (1) - Copy

See? Shar Pei.

He’s adorable, he’s cuddly, and he poops. A LOT.  We got Puck at six weeks old and so of course he’s not potty trained at all.  At first I was all “Awww, he’s jus’ a widdow puppy!” Six weeks later I’m like “Why the hell won’t this demon spawn just shit outside?”

photo (1)

Demon Spawn

The three-year old was standing next to me one time when I found a stinky little gift the puppy left for me on the bedroom floor.  I yelled across the house to my husband “PUCK SHIT ON THE FLOOR AGAIN!”  My son looks up at me and with the biggest, bluest eyes he says very matter of fact…”I don’t do that.  I shit in the potty.”

photo (2)


8 responses to “On New Puppies and Poop

    • Thank you! He really is adorable. He fits in perfect with us. I was just completely unprepared for how hard it is to live with a new puppy! Even harder than kids, I think! At least eight week old babies are contained to a bassinet and wearing diapers. Puppies are everywhere. Usually behind my feet. I’m not sure if he really loves me and wants to be close to me, or if he really hates me and wants to break my neck. When we had gotten Jack, he was already potty trained and he barely ever chewed on anything. Puck will eat ANYTHING. Cat poop, garbage…even my cooking, which is crazy because NOBODY likes my cooking. He’s getting much better at the potty thing these days. It’s been an adventure for sure. 🙂


  1. Thank you for my laugh out loud of the day. Oh, to be able to hear the choruses of “Puck off!”s to come. Consider changing him to a lower fiber food, it can cut the poops in half. Just feed him 50/50 for the changeover. Colleen, The Patron Saint of Dogs


    • Thank you for stopping in to read my post! I’m glad it made you laugh out loud. Thanks for the food advice. I currently have him on a diet of IAMS, children’s toys, and Christmas ornaments, so I’ll have to look into the whole fiber thing.


  2. I LOVE your cooking. Your soups and Mediterranean meals are great! At least your pet eats your cooking. Remember when the cat tried to bury my broccoli casserole?


    • Thank you! You’re the only one who likes my cooking. I can always count on you, can’t I Mom? That was so funny when cat tried to bury your broccoli casserole! For the record, I thought it was delicious!
      Love you!


  3. This post is lol awesome.


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