Top 5 Reasons It’s Great to be a Woman

5.  We get to see our boobies anytime we want.

4.  Men hold the door open for us.  Then we get to decide if we’re offended or grateful for it.  Either way our response is acceptable.

3.  We get to use child-birth as a reason why we never have to do anything again. Ever.  For instance, when asked something like “Honey, do you plan on cleaning today?” the response can be “Probably you should do it because do you see that daughter of yours?  Well I squeezed her out of my vagina ten years ago and I’m exhausted“.

2.  Once a month we’re allowed to go to sleep as an angel, and wake up as a demon that Satan himself would fear.  We can milk that for a week or so before it becomes “unacceptable” or whatever.

1.  Once a year we get to go to the vagina doctor and flash our girl goodies to a rich man.  Sure we have to pay him to take a look, but at least it doesn’t end with the police showing up telling you to “put it away.”


9 responses to “Top 5 Reasons It’s Great to be a Woman

  1. Great to see that sense of humor flash again.


  2. yourothermotherhere



  3. Lisa u make my day your so funny u need to do stand up

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