The Three Hundred Questions Game. It’s Not as Fun as it Sounds.

They say the average child asks somewhere around three hundred questions a day.  I don’t know who “they” are, or who “they” interviewed to get this information, but it certainly wasn’t my toddler, who can ask three hundred questions before breakfast.  I’m pretty sure he’s gifted.  I have three kids total (that I know of) and the types of questions they ask and the questioning style varies.

The toddler asks a ton of questions.  Granted, 90% of his questions are “Whatcha doin’?”, “Why?” or “What do you mean you’re going insane?” but it still requires time and energy to answer his constant stream of questioning.  They say it’s good to encourage a child to be curious and to ask questions.  “Knowledge is power.”  Screw that.  Mommy tops out at one hundred questions per day so choose your questions wisely.

The nine-year old asks far fewer questions, but in rapid fire style.  It can make a head spin for sure.  “What’s heaven like?What makes diamonds sparkle?Who invented bubble gum?”  Geeze kid…I don’t know…Heaven is full of angels and chocolate, fairy shit makes a diamond sparkle and everyone knows Willy Wonka invented bubble gum.

The teen asks only one question, but he asks it three hundred times a day.  “Can I have some money”?  Um, no…get a job.  My nursing home isn’t going to be cheap you know, you better start saving up now.

I thought of a few ways to cope with this game of 300 questions.  The first way was a bottle of wine, but I guess you’re not supposed to drink until 5 pm.  Whatever.  Who makes these rules???  Also, it’s frowned upon in our society to duct tape our kids mouths shut, even if it’s just for five minutes of peace.  Any other suggestions?  I’d love to hear from you!


3 responses to “The Three Hundred Questions Game. It’s Not as Fun as it Sounds.

  1. Who says you cannot drink until 5pm? Silly rules. Introduce the kids to the interwebs machine.


  2. Great blog! You’ve gotten me totally crackin’ up”
    ~ Where do kids learn the bullet-words “MOM”, “DAD” and learn to spit them out like a gatlin gun until you turn around?
    ~ Learning is important. Knowledge is power. So, teach them a lesson.
    ~ topping out at 100 question in lieu of 300 before breakfast will probably teach them a little about choice, priorities, and discernment.
    ~ Ahhh, the drinking thing. It’s always after 5p in another time zone. Someone asked me if I drink alone. “Excuse me?! HeLLO, I’m single. I don’t have to invite people over to do what I want. You may need a baby sitter, though… 😉
    Oh, and in response to “did you have a glass of wine last night?” “Well yes, the bottle was made of glass.”

    Thanks for your blog, Lisa.


  3. EDIT
    ~ Learning is important. Knowledge is power. Duct tape is a grand idea! So, teach them a lesson.


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