Is That Poop or Chocolate? The Joys of Having a Toddler.

So the other day, as I stood at the kitchen sink pressed for time and on the edge of insanity, my adorable blue-eyed toddler comes into the room and says “Mommy, I have poop on my fingers.”  What?  How the hell would that have happened.  I shut off the water and stoop down to his level to get a closer look at what the hell was going on.  He shoves his hand towards my face and repeats “I have poop on my fingers”.  I grab his little wrist and take note of what better be chocolate on his fingertips.  His diaper’s gone.  Where in the hell is his diaper at?!  So I asked him where the hell his diaper was, but in a more kid friendly way (meaning I used those exact words but in a softer, more “nurturing” tone), and he tells me he pooped in the potty.  And by “pooped in the potty” he meant pooped all over the potty, and the cabinet and a little bit on the floor.  Judging by the scraps of tissue stuck in his tiny little butt crack, it was clear this rookie tried to wipe his own ass too.  Well that explains the poop on the fingers situation.  I praised his efforts to use the big boy potty and kept the criticism of his timing to potty train himself to myself.   I figure it’ll be more fun to bring it up at the dinner table one day, when he brings his new girlfriend home to meet the family.


5 responses to “Is That Poop or Chocolate? The Joys of Having a Toddler.

  1. Excellent lunchtime read! lol.


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