A Happy Anniversary Story

Happy 36th Anniversary to my Mom and Dad!

Not my actual parents…

My mom and dad are the type of couple who are connected on such a deep level, that when I pissed my mom off at home, my dad would feel irritation miles away at work.

When Mom said “just wait until your father gets home” I was less worried about being punished for the crime I had committed and more worried about how angry dad would be over the fact that I upset my mom.  He still can’t stand to see her upset.

When playing a game once it was my dad’s challenge to get my mom to say “giraffe” before the time ran out.  The timer flipped, my dad said “zoo” to which my mom, without hesitation, said “giraffe”.  How in the hell?!  Out of all the animals in a zoo…

Mom has made Dad’s lunch for work every single day for thirty-six years.  She’s Polish, so you can imagine the amount of food she packs in that lunch bag.

They’re seriously the sweetest couple I’ve ever met.  They’re always holding hands and enjoying life together.  Every now and then I still catch him grabbing her ass.  Freaks.  This day is special for them, but I’m celebrating this day too.  I can’t help but realize that it’s the way they’ve treated each other in their marriage that has allowed me to settle for no less than the best in my own life.  I have no doubt I would not be married to the amazing husband that is mine if it weren’t for the high standards that my Dad set.  My own marriage is strong and happy because of (among other things) the great example that my own parents have set year after year in regards to love, trust, honesty, loyalty, respect and acceptance.  Their marriage has moments that qualify as “work”, but it’s about as close to perfect as you could possibly get.

I’m so happy that they found each other.  Mostly because I came out of the deal and I really like me, but also because in a world full of heartbreak and failed relationships, they remain one of the few unwavering examples of hope that true love for eternity really does exist.

All this mush has made me nauseous.  Happy Anniversary and shit.


4 responses to “A Happy Anniversary Story

  1. Awwwwww, sweetie…. That was such a nice blog. You and your sister have made the last 36 years such an adventure! Dad and I HAD to join forces just to survive you guys. Thanks for the anniversary wishes and shit.
    Love, Mom & Dad


  2. What a great example of what a marriage can be!


  3. Great post. The world need (a lot) more couples like your folks.Tell them Happy Anni.from one of your new fans in Alabama!


  4. I can only hope for a love as deep as theirs!


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