Dear Pinners Pinning on Pinterest,

A photo of not me posted on Pinterest

Seriously, stop posting stuff like this and calling it “inspiration”, Okay?  The only thing this picture inspires me to do is go console myself with a box of Boston Creme Donuts and a gallon of chocolate milk.  I really liked myself when I looked in the mirror today.  In my head I was all like “Well good morning Lisa, you’re looking good today.  Let’s check Pinterest.”  and then I saw this picture and my head was all “Nevermind, aside from your amazing rack you suck…”

I’m thin, I exercise and eat healthy, but I’ll never look like that up there.  You know why?  Genetics.  All I want is a six-pack and buns of steel, but instead I get chicken legs, a uni brow and one foot that’s slightly bigger than the other.  What the hell is up with that!?

Also, I’m willing to bet that Ms. Six Pack up there hasn’t squeezed any human beings out of her girl parts.  I’ve done three…no big deal.  But I can’t be the porthole into this universe AND perfectly sculpted.  You know I’m not the only one hoping that Too Toned up in that picture gets knocked up and stretched out.  Or maybe I am the only one because I’m overly jealous and slightly spiteful…

I’m just saying, if you’re going to post this picture don’t title it “inspiration.”  Be honest and title it something like “You’ll never look like this no matter how hard you try but it’s okay because you’re great just the way you are.  Nobody’s perfect, even the girl in the picture doesn’t show her face and  there’s a reason for that.”

A-freaking-men. You dont have to be perfect, just healthy and happy with who you are :) But its easier said then done.


12 responses to “Dear Pinners Pinning on Pinterest,

  1. I Agree with you!!!….Well said Lisa:)


  2. Hilarious! All the way through. 😀 You really got me with the last line about horse-face up there being imperfect just like everyone else.


  3. Lol my funny, beautiful girl! Sorry about the unibrow and chicken legs. Blame Dad for the foot thing.
    Love, Mom


  4. That’s hysterical and sooo true! Love your Mom’s reply. She sounds like a hoot too!


  5. love it lisa



  6. People noalrlmy pay me for this and you are giving it away!


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