I’m Still Alive!

So today, Facebook notified me that one of my favorite bloggers named Heath over at LifeasIKnowit is following Lisa’s Rant.  Then I realized how long it’s been since I’ve blogged!  It’s funny how when life gets busy, the things we enjoy most are the first things to get put aside.  Like blogging, or convincing the neighborhood kids that you’re a real witch.  Kids are so gullible…

I’m really enjoying being back in school, and not to brag or anything, but I’m pretty sure I’m a genius.  For now I’m sticking with nursing, but based on my current grades, Rocket Scientist is not entirely out of the question.  The thing I’m struggling with is how to study when the kids are around.  Every time I sit down to study, the toddler needs something.  He just turned two this past weekend, so he’s entering the dreaded “terrible two’s”.  He’s needy and now a lot more vocal.  I thought about writing my school notes on his forehead, so that when he’s constantly staring at me asking for something at least I can get some studying done.  At first it seemed like a great idea, but it turns out his forehead was too little for the amount of notes I take, plus also, he kept squirming around, so nothing I wrote was legible.  I had to settle for a mustache and then get back to work.  I’ve also learned you need to arrive at the campus an hour early for parking purposes.  It takes thirty minutes to find a parking space, and an extra twenty minutes to walk from your parking space to your classroom all the way across campus.  I was afraid that I would forget where I parked, but was fortunate enough to get an easy to remember spot.  It was the very last spot, in the back of the parking lot, as far out from the campus as possible. It also helped that the neighbor kids along with my daughter wrote on my van windows :  “Hey Lisa, this is your car!”  I have a really bad habit of getting into other vans that don’t belong to me.  They all look the same, but that’s an entirely different blog.  Seriously, hats off to the working Mom’s out there who also manage to go to school.

My house is a disaster.  Not because of how busy I’ve been lately, but because of how lazy I’ve been my whole life.

I’ve also taken on watching my friends kids before school.  I took on the responsibility and then remembered that I don’t like other people’s kids.  I barely like my own kids most of the time.  Luckily the kids are well-behaved.  I haven’t had to duct tape anyone to a wall yet.  Fingers crossed it stays so simple.

I’m sorry for being a lousy blogger/follower these days.  I promise to try to make more time to read/write.  Thanks to those who’ve stuck with me during my absence, and to the two of you who unfollowed me, I won’t hold it against you…”just rot in hell and we’ll call it even.”  Oh my gosh that was so mean!  It’s okay though, I was just kidding.  Mostly.


4 responses to “I’m Still Alive!

  1. 1wanderingtruthseeker

    I have been missing your posts!


  2. Ahhh so good to hear from you again, I’ve missed you and your humor! ♥ Glad school is going well for you, even though it means you’ve been neglecting your blog. 😉


  3. Your posts always make me smile. In this case, I got an extra chuckle out of the last bit. When my DD was in second grade I got wrangled into being the “lunch mom” on my day off. It was a parochial school and her teacher was as mean as a bag of rattlesnakes. I went in expecting all 30 kids to be perfect angels, since she was so strict. As soon as she left the room a little boy named Nathan tried to put me through my paces. I happened to have a big roll of duct tape in my bag. I said “look Nathan, I know it’s not easy to sit still at your age, but, if you move around or get up again, I’ll duct tape your butt to your chair. ” Then I made a ripping sound by pulling some of the tape off the roll. Every so often he’d challenge me and I’d make that ripping sound again. Then I actually set it down for a few minutes and forgot to take it with me. Later that week the mean teacher hunted me down in the parking lot to return my duct tape. She looked me up and down, nodded and said “not bad”.


  4. Anytime you gratuitously throw my name around I love you more! You are missed!


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