Auto Correct And The Online Class

So two days into college and already I feel like a genius!  I went to math class yesterday and felt ready to conquer the world.  Or at least put my shoes on the right feet.  I haven’t been to a math class in over seventeen years, and the only thing I remember about algebra is that back in high school, our book was sort of orange.  I was happy to see we were starting with the basics in our classroom.  Then when my daughter got home from third grade, she asked me to please check her math homework.  I’ll be damned if it wasn’t the exact same material we covered in our college class that day!  Okay, so maybe I’m not a genius.  On the plus side, my eight year old can be my tutor, and the best part is, she works for jolly ranchers.

I’m taking Medical Terminology online.  We had to write a short auto-biography, and one post in particular caught my attention.  I think this person is my favorite online classmate ever.  Her name is Richelle and I’m pretty sure she posted her auto-biography via her phone with auto correct on.  It started “Hi, my name is Erectile…”  I didn’t get past that part.  I just kept reading that part over and over because it’s funny every time.


6 responses to “Auto Correct And The Online Class

  1. Her mother made an excellent choice in names for her.


  2. Hahahahaha. The last part was brilliant.

    I had a similar reaction of incomprehension when I met my flatmate.

    His name is Stephen Justice. He sounds like a superhero!


  3. hahaha… did you reply back? “Dear Erectile,…”


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