I’m Allergic To The County Fair

This picture has nothing to do with my post. I just wanted to moon you.

Ah, the county fair, a sign that summer is in full swing. All year-long I look forward to fried veggies, elephant ears, cotton candy and fried snickers bars. I love the lights of the ferris wheel, and that game with the cute little mouse that runs into the numbered hole. I don’t play it, I just stand around waiting to see the mouse and then yell out “There he is! Look at him go!” I had to sell my left nipple just to pay for our visit to the fair this year, but I had a blast! My husband took our daughter on the rides while I wore the baby in a sling for a little bit of forced cuddle time. The weather was perfect and we ran into several friends. The only problem is that it turns out I’m allergic to large groups of teenagers. Being exposed causes me to yell swear words.


4 responses to “I’m Allergic To The County Fair

  1. Lisa! Don’t sell your nipples! And hmmmm…… seems to me you’re allergic to lots of things….


  2. LOL! I am also allergic to tons of things – carnies being one of them. Glad you made it out alive


    • Thanks so much for stopping in to read my post! I’m glad that not only did I make it out alive, but I also didn’t get arrested for shouting out profanities at the kids. 🙂


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