Renaissance Faire Part III

Quotes From Ren Fair

My husband wore camouflage shorts.  A man working in one of the shops yells out “Good Sir, I can barely see you!”

My cousin was wearing Hollister apparel.  Someone in tights with a feather in his hat pointed at my cousin and said “You’re dressed funny.”

A man selling roasted nuts calls out to people passing by “Try my nuts!  Put my nuts in your mouth!”  Then looking at my cousin says “You know you want to…”  Note: His nuts were delicious.  We buy the cinnamon almonds every year.

My eight year old daughter noticing a male horse.  “Eww, he’s pooping.  Wait, that’s not poop…”

A girl working in a shop announced that all items are dishwasher, oven and microwave safe.  A man shopping asks “What be-ith a micro wave?” to which the worker replied “It’s a magical box that in the future will hold lightning.”

I was pushing the baby in a stroller with my husband walking next to me.  A man stopped us and insisted my husband push the stroller, stating that “She did all the pushing in the beginning, now it’s your turn.”

I was looking at some of the jewelry, when an old man sitting in the booth says “Are you looking for a necklace to accent that wonderful bust line?”  Well I was, you creepy old perv, but now I think I’ll just go buy a drink.

Well, that’s it for the Ren Fair experience!  Thanks for stopping in!  Have a great weekend.


11 responses to “Renaissance Faire Part III

  1. you are wonderful lisa enjoy your thoughts


  2. This is awesome. Rennaissaince Fairs are a place where, if single, I would go find a right good wench who could make her own candles…I just think she would be a hardworking woman who would do well with me just writing all the time.


  3. That sounds so awesome, I wish I could go!


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