Renaissance Faire Part II

The people of Ren Fair.

Okay, where do I begin? They leave me speechless! I love the costumes, and would dress up myself if it wasn’t a hundred degree’s every time I’ve gone there. The chainmail bikini is not an option for this girl. Not only would it not be flattering to my figure, but I’ll pass on the first degree burns to my nipples once that metal heats up.

Oh! This one is a good picture…

This is not a real statue. It’s a person. The first time I saw her move I freaked out. Now every time I’m there I poke and prod anything that looks like a statue just to make sure. I don’t want anymore surprises. All I need is some damn gargoyle attacking me from behind. My mom says it must be a hard job standing out in the heat in make-up and costume all day, not being able to move for the most part. I’ve done worse for money. I’d stand still and watch people drop money into a vase at me feet.

Check out this guy…

This guy was spunky! I have no idea where this man got his energy from, but he was non-stop the entire drum jam. Has anyone seen the movie “Office Space”? He looks like Milton’s skinny twin! Accountant during the week, medieval party animal during the weekend. I named him Bob. I like Bob. He was entertaining.

I don’t know what this contraption is called but I want one…

There was a lady drummer who reached over and squeezed one of the horns on this instrument. I thought the owner was going to punch her in the throat.

Oh yeah, can’t forget this guy…


This guy dances on a ball and plays with fans.  Also, he has a beak.  For those of you that think he’s a bit weird, let me tell you about the young hot blonde that was stalking him insisting that he fan her off while she danced for him.  Not so geeky now, is he?  All the little kids were like “BALL!” trying to take it out from under him.

I’m pretty sure I’m related to this one…

One time, this guy tried to steal my pickle.  While I was pregnant.  He almost died…

This is the lady with the banana I was telling you about…

There are so many more pictures, but you get the point right?  Friday I will post some of the most memorable quotes I heard at Ren Fair.


7 responses to “Renaissance Faire Part II

  1. I’ve always wanted to go!..That’s it, I’m going


  2. I love every single one of these photos! Ugh I can’t wait to go this year! I don’t get the chance to snap many photos while I’m at the Renaissance Festival because I’m always too caught up in the moment, but I might try to this year. We do usually try and take pictures of us in our costumes though before we get there. Don’t know if you’ll be able to view this, but this was the “costume in progress” that I wore last year… 😀


    • I LOVE it! Great costume! You look awesome. I’m inspired to dress up next time! I’m not even sure what I’d like to go as. Ha, I’ll dress up exactly like the Queen…


      • Thanks! It’s “in progress” like I said because I had just got that new bodice when we went the time before and hadn’t had the chance to add much to it yet. Boy those bodices… make your boobs look amazing! Haha! You should dress up next time for sure… you have a whole year to plan for it. 😉


  3. The Renfaire is always soooo much fun! I’m so glad you and your sister and families were there!


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