Renaissance Faire Part I

I spent this past weekend at the Ren Fair, and I have SO much to talk about I don’t even know where to begin!  I love the Ren Fair!  It’s a place where it’s okay to get your weird on.  I’m not really into medieval times.  Mostly because I like electricity, flushing toilets and McDonald’s.  My parents invited us to tag along a few years ago, and I had so much fun that I try to go at least once a season.  My parents dress up and everything!  As long as my dad doesn’t start wearing tights or insist that I call him “my lord” I support them one hundred percent.  The make up and costumes are elaborate and everyone is laughing and having a great time as they blurt out hilarious comments at you when you walk by.  You never know what you’re in for, but it’s always a great time.

What I learned at Ren Fair:

There are women in this world that don’t care if they’re sixty years old and sagging to the ground, they’ll walk around in a chainmail bikini.

If you look at necklaces for sale there will be some sort of comment about your boobs.

Everyone can fake a British accent.

There’s a woman who draws a face on a banana and carries it around with her.

When people say “Huzzah”, “Bless you” is not the appropriate response.

No man looks good in tights.

People say “God save the Queen” a lot.  It took me half of a day to figure out they weren’t talking about me.

On Wednesday I’ll post some pictures and discuss the people of Ren Fair, and then on Friday I’ll post some funny quotes from Ren Fair. 


5 responses to “Renaissance Faire Part I

  1. I love the Renaissance Festival so much! Like, you have no idea! I can’t wait until ours starts here at the end of August! My sis, my daughter, and I try to go a few times each season, and dress we up too. It’s always a great time! You’re right… no man looks good in tights!


    • We have a lot in common! Yours starts in August, when does it end? Does Moonie perform at the fair over there?


      • It usually goes through the first weekend in October. Yes, Moonie does perform at ours, but I’ve never seen his show.


        • Moonie is my favorite! He called my husband up on stage last year, and my brother in law to the stage this year. My husband hates being the center of attention. I can NOT relate. September seems like a nice time of season to have a fair. 🙂


          • I’ll have to try and be sure to catch his show this year. I swear those people can tell the ones that DON’T want to go on stage and then purposely choose them. Haha I love it!


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