Banished To The Island (The Second Banishing)

In my mind there’s an imaginary island. An island that once you get to, you can’t come back. It’s called the Island of Assholes, and it’s where I banish people who have caused me grief, or irritated me in some way. Their punishment is to spend the rest of their lives surrounded by people as dumb as they are. It makes me feel better, although sometimes I get so wrapped up in my imagination that when I see people I’ve recently banned, I wonder how the hell they got off of the island. Then reality hits, and I realize that there is no island and I’m stuck coexisting with these assholes forever, which is fine since I suppose I can be an asshole myself sometimes.

For my second official banishing, I banish those who steal other people’s original ideas. Please don’t get me wrong, imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery, and I truly don’t mind (I even appreciate) people taking an idea of mine and running with it. But how about a little credit? Maybe a small shout out that the idea came from me? A small link to my blog to give credit where credit is due? What do you think I just wake up funny? It takes a lot of wine, and a very twisted, creative mind to turn normal, boring, everyday life into a form of humor good enough to make people laugh or smile. I work hard to entertain and bring laughter into the lives of the people who I interact with. I do it because laughter is good for the soul, and if I can contribute something positive to the lives of others, it gives me a sense of purpose. (And if I’m being honest, sometimes I do it because I’ve cracked myself up and I’m trying to show off.) Maybe it was just a coincidence? I acknowledge it’s possible that you just happen to be a follower of mine, and you just happened to use the same idea two weeks after mine, and maybe just happened to use the same format that I used. Maybe you meant to mention that it was one of my (extremely rare) brilliant idea’s that you enjoyed and made your own, but you just forgot? I was very proud of my post The Best Of Search Engine Terms, and anyone who wants to do it is more than welcome to it. I’m sure someone somewhere has done it before. But it’s original to me as I had never seen it done, so either change-up the format, wait longer than two weeks to steal the idea, or take five seconds and mention my name next time.

If it was unintentional, then I’ll head on over to the island myself. If it was intentional, then I herby officially banish you to the island!


13 responses to “Banished To The Island (The Second Banishing)

  1. Sounds a great deal like Conclusion Island in “The Phantom Tollbooth.” Once one jumps there, it’s damn hard to get off of it. And, though I always like to give credit, there is the (stolen mostly from T.S. Eliot) “There is nothing new, and everything must be original. Good poets borrow, and great poets steal.”

    Personally, if someone likes my work SO much as to go out of their way and break the law to steal it? THAT’s a serious accolade . . . that I’ll also hunt ’em down and kill ’em for doing. lol

    Australia was once a big, prison island. I wonder what your Island of Assholes will evolve to be. Will there be a coolio white-shelled opera house and Great Whites to protect its shores?

    You continually bring good-for-the-soul laughter complemented with its inherently decpetive simplicity where there is always more than meets the eye. Thanks Mucho! ~ Jordan


  2. I have found the same thing from a few of my followers who I also follow. They’ve kinda started copying my format of having pics along with a little story. I know that’s not necessarily an original idea, but I know they got the idea from me because I’ve been following them too and they weren’t doing it “my way” to begin with. As you said “imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery” so I try to just appreciate that they saw something of mine that they liked ~ and it means I’m like just so cool to have done something so well that someone wanted to copy me. 😉 But you know what really SUCKS… is when they do it better than you! Grrr! Now those are the A-holes really belong on that island!

    It is possible that the people who copied you could have noticed their own search terms right around the same time as you did by coincidence. I also noticed my search terms because of an increase in my lavender and bird posts right around that time too. I thought maybe you and I were long lost psychically linked twins or something when I saw your post about it. 😉 Of course yours were funny and mine weren’t.

    Sincerely though Lisa, you’re so fricken hilarious and clever and silly… no one does it better than you!


    • LOL! Yeah, when they do it better than you it’s like salt in the vagina. It is possible it was a coincidence. Thanks for the nice compliment! It made me feel a ton better. 🙂


  3. The plagiarist knows he or she has been called out, but it might be fun to cite a link to his/her offending posting and identify the offender.


    • Hehehe, I thought about that. It would be fun, but mean, and I’m trying to collect good Karma to make up for all the bad Karma I’ve collected by making fun of ugly babies.


  4. I like this “Asshole Island” idea. Might use it in my next post. Haha. You’re hilarious. And even if someone copies your idea, it’ll never be as funny as when you do it.


  5. Lisa, in a full on panic, I read this worried I had accidentally stole your stuff! Your stuff is so good, I am tempted all the time.


    • LOL Heath! Thank you for the compliment! Although you don’t need to use my material, you’re hilarious on your own. In fact, I’d steal your stuff except that if I started blogging about my pregnant wife people might catch on. 🙂


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