Man Rant Mondays X

Welcome to the tenth and final installment of Man Rant Mondays.  It’s not so much “complaining” about men, as it is “advice” for men given from a woman’s point of view.  As with all advice from a woman, you can either take it, or be wrong.  It’s entirely up to you!

Man Rant Mondays X:  Your Inability to Follow Directions

What part of “get the cheapest propane grill you can find” didn’t you understand?  I don’t give a crap if it’s infrared, I don’t even know what that means.  Oh really, the salesman bought four of them for himself and his family?  No he didn’t.  He’s a liar.  He saw you coming from a mile away.  He’s not your friend, despite the fact that he “called you by your name and everything”.  Seriously though, I’m happy that you’re happy with your new grill, but unfortunately you have just lost your “shopping alone” privilege.

I put a lot of thought into the grocery list.  I plan meals and make the list according to what ingredients I need in order for you to cook me a good meal.   I can not make meatloaf with Oreo Cookies.  Where’s the effin beef?!  It was on the list!  I don’t think you use the list.

And finally, everyone knows men don’t ask for driving directions.  I’m convinced the only reason you even bought the GPS is so that you can ignore the directions it gives you, and find a better, faster route to prove you’re smarter than the average machine.

Thanks so much for reading Man Rant Mondays!  I hope you enjoyed reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.


15 responses to “Man Rant Mondays X

  1. Ha, but what if we buy the expensive grill to make cheaper meat taste more expensive? Wait…that’s not right.


  2. Oh I don’t know… Oreo cookie meatloaf… he very well may be onto to something there. 😉


  3. I will definitely be missing man rant Mondays;-( Meatloaf with Oreo cookies–ROFL!


  4. Why are you ending man rant Mondays? There are still more Mondays! And more rants!


  5. Girl- I can’t even BELIEVE you let him shop alone. Or shop at all. Unless my guy has been doing some serious romancing (I’m talking laundry AND vacuuming) he doesn’t even have what we call “shopping privileges”. That being , in our house, the privilege of walking beside me in the grocery store. Not that he ever should. The kids at least are well trained. They know to follow me “mama duck” style in single file so they don’t get in the way of other shoppers. They know that you can only choose one item per trip. He not only wants to choose special items (cookies, cereal, soda), he always winds up in the bakery aisle explaining why he has to have a muffin, danish, donut, pit… I’m just horrified at the idea of him going alone. You are a brave woman!


    • That is hilarious! “Serious romancing (I’m talking laundry AND vacuuming)”, I love it! Thanks for leaving a comment that made me laugh. 🙂


  6. Lisa, don’t rnd the rants! I like being reminded I am not the only one making bad man decisions!


  7. I love Man Rant Mondays! (Even though on this particular week I wasn’t able to read it until Wednesday. I have to say Man Rant Wednesdays just aren’t the same). Don’t stop! I’m putting Man Rant Mondays at the top of my shopping list and I ain’t sending my husband to pick it up.


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