Man Rant Mondays IX

Welcome to the ninth installment of Man Rant Mondays.  It’s not so much “complaining” about men, as it is “advice” for men given from a woman’s point of view.  As with all advice from a woman, you can either take it or be wrong.  It’s entirely up to you!


Man Rant Mondays IX:  Man Headaches

Men can accidentally cut themselves to the bone using the latest power tools available, and after a few bad words, can down a shot of whiskey and stitch themselves back together.  These very same men will be rendered helpless by one small headache.  They will curl up on the couch, quivering in the fetal position, acting as though they’re on their deathbed.  All plans for the day must be cancelled.  Chores will be neglected, while said man sits in the dark screaming “Why?!  Oh Gawd, why ME?!”  Really, little girlie man?  I just saw you dislocate your shoulder the other day, and pop it back into place without uttering so  much as an “ouch”.  It’s just a headache.  How about you take some aspirin and shut the hell up for five seconds so I can reassure the neighbors that there’s no need to dial 911.

Thanks for reading Man Rant Mondays!  Have a great week!


14 responses to “Man Rant Mondays IX

  1. FUNNY!!!!!!


  2. Well Lisa, You’ve got my man pegged with the headache bit. He just survived (as in I let him live after) three weeks of man flu. Have to disagree about the first aid bit- he’d rather not change his own bandaids. A sports injury doesn’t exist for him until the game’s over though. After the game is won, Grumpy will find his missing appendages and come limping in my direction for a little TLC. He’s the #1 reason I dedicated one drawer in my kitchen to “try to fix it yourself before you bother me” first aid.


  3. Funny and true. In fact, I’m setting aside curling-up-on-the-sofa time for midweek.


  4. Although I could deal without the “I’m so sick I’m probably going to die” drama every time he has a sore throat, I’m really glad my husband likes caulking and power drills! Because I sure don’t want to do any of that stuff!


  5. When are men going to learn that stereotype is not code for “way of life.” Break free brothers! You are not bound by your annoying habits! We do not enjoy your predictability (although it is quite entertaining). Unless, maybe they think a stereotype is just another type of stereo. Maybe it’s questions like these that spur these crippling man-headaches.


  6. This is so true, and in fact, it is the situation in my house right now. My husband has a bad back, so every now and then, it flares up and gives him some grief. It is all he can talk about, complain about and moan and groan about. He has taken to walking around with a cane, making himself look like a cripple to invoke more sympathy from me and whoever will give him the time of day. I on the other hand, can be bed ridden for days with a lupus flare up or a migraine and I don’t bother a soul. And to honest, he don’t do a fucking thing for me and has zero compassion. So, while he is putting on his act of pain and hobbling around looking like an asshole, I am doing my best to keep my temper in check and not shove him down the fucking stairs.


    • I can totally relate on the Lupus level. I think it’s hard for the boys to understand chronic pain. The only pain they know goes away at some point. It’s hard to wrap your mind around a life of constant pain unless you live it. I would advise against pushing him down the stairs, however, should you give in to the temptation let me know. I can give you a rock solid alibi! 🙂


  7. Egads… so true! Mine is like that with “war wounds” but God forbid he gets a cold… yeeeesh!

    Hey also wanted you to know I nominated you for an award today. Lovin’ your blog!!


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