Why I Chose Online Schooling


So for the first time in seventeen years, I’m back in school.  Look out world of academics, you’re going to have your hands full.  Online courses are the best idea ever, and here’s why.  First, I can take a test while drinking a nice big bottle of wine.  I’m not sure how well I’ll score, but it really won’t matter until I sober up.  Secondly, I can do my homework in my pajama’s.  Fuzzy bunny slippers, and a Winnie the Pooh two piece.  That’s right you guys, my husband has his hands full with a whole lot of sexy here.  And finally, I’m free to complain about how stupid class is because the teacher can’t hear me.  Unfortunately it’s considered “inappropriate” to show up at the University wearing pajama’s and slippers, chugging a bottle of wine while yelling about how “stupid” school is.  (Who makes these rules?)  So the online course was the path I chose.

There are a couple of downsides to this internet course, though.  For instance, I can’t see anyone’s answers, so I’m not really sure how to go about cheating.  Also, it’s harder to tell who the smart kid is without actually knowing everyone.  I have no idea who I’m supposed to pay to do my homework.

*Please note:  This post is just a joke.  It’s sole purpose is to make people smile.  I have not ever cheated or had anyone else do my work for me.  I earned my own C’s and D’s.


14 responses to “Why I Chose Online Schooling

  1. To be fair if you were living on a campus, it’s pretty easy to show-up wearing pajamas and slippers. I think you could easily down a bottle of wine without anyone noticing. What are you studying?


    • Hahaha! See, that would be ideal for me then. I’m not really good with technology, so half of my time is spent just trying to find the class on my computer. I look in Facebook, but it’s not there. I look in Pinterest, and it’s not there either! By the time I actually find my online class I’m bored and unwilling to focus. I’m going for my nursing degree, thanks for asking! 🙂


  2. Back at Cal State Long Beach in the 70s,I used to help drink a pitcher of beer (there were two. pitchers. and drinkers) and go to class. But those were creative writing classes and everyone was high on something anyway;-)


    • Oh my gosh that is SO funny! I bet that was some seriously creative writing! Thanks for leaving such a great comment! 🙂


      • I do remember one particularly funny comment made by one of the guys in my class after we had all been partaking of the creativity-freeing libation: We were talking about Black Holes (don’t ask me how black holes had anything to do with writing…oh, wait, yeah, I think I know…anyway, this guy said about black holes: “Send ’em to the back of the universe.” …Oh, goddess, I hope that doesn’t start a bevy of racism comments…


  3. All very excellent pros to the world of cyber academia. As far as the cons go… just think of the money you’ll save not paying the nerdy smart kid to do your papers for you! Seriously, good luck and have fun. I just started an online creative writing course. 🙂


  4. I think drunk and nursing compliment one another….


  5. I took an philosophy ethics course online once. The major downside is that you have to be self motivated and remember deadlines for assignments and readings. Plus all the distractions of the internet. Or a failing internet connection. I remember there were discussion boards we had to post on for participation marks, so you could sort of tell who the keeners were by their comments on there.


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