Protesters: Fail

I’m not very political.  I mean, I know the basic facts, like that Bill Clinton is our President and he’s a Republican.  Okay, so clearly I’m exaggerating my political ignorance, but not by much.  It’s not that I don’t care, it’s just that I prefer to keep things light.  So please bear with me during this post, as my main focus is on the people, not the politics.

During the NATO summit in Chicago, I was watching the protesters from a safe distance, and by “safe distance” I mean on my television.  There were a couple of things I noticed while watching and I wanted to share my observations with you.


Obviously Winged Helmet Man is in the wrong place.  The American Idol auditions are down the road.  I’m not sure what his statement is, but if you look closely, he has a pair of handcuffs on his hip.  We have ourselves a kinky superhero!  Every woman’s fantasy.  Also, I noticed a lot of people in this photo are wearing masks.  I had no idea so many bank robbers cared about politics.   On tv, I saw one of these masked men had a Pokémon backpack on.  Nothing says “bad ass” like Pikachu.


The sign being held at the top center of this photo says “I wanted a bigger sign”. Well this man brought a strong message to the protest.  I absolutely LOVE his sign, and his sense of humor.

And another…

Photo Credit: John Dodge/CBS Chicago

Clearly these protesters just want peace.

Here’s more…

Holy crap, it’s Bumblebee from the movie Transformers!  Seriously?  He brought a gas mask?  I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that this isn’t his first protest. I love his head-gear.  His friend on the right, however, has left himself vulnerable and exposed.  Cover your head newbie.

And finally…

This has to be the most peaceful protester ever.  Personally, I prefer to meditate on the shores of the beach, or on my comfortable couch.  But hey, if you can get centered in the middle of a chaotic protest, then I admire you.


19 responses to “Protesters: Fail

  1. I love the “bigger sign” sign too. Wish I had written it but don’t think I could’ve overcome my inertia to ink it, find parking, or recognize friends by their masks.


  2. Funny stuff! People are sooooo interesting!


  3. “bigger sign” Sign has been @ every protest around the World. Nothing to New to See, keep moving….as far as the Face Masks…that’s so their friends can find/Identify them. The Strange Outfits….well I’ll only say Holy Batman…


  4. merchantofchaos

    Great pictures!


  5. Ummmm, that last picture? Looks to me like the broad’s ready to grab a couple of guys’ family jewels. Yep, the bandana covering her face clinches it…Pieceful, not peaceful…


  6. Sweet Chi Town

    I figured that the winged helmet guy was a lost extra from the Power Rangers, by far the funniest guy at the protests.


    • “A lost extra from the Power Rangers”. I love it! That was hilarious. And I agree that he was the funniest guy there. His super power seemed to be finding cameras to catch him at every angle. Thanks so much for stopping in and leaving a comment that made me laugh out loud!


  7. You are freaking awesome! Loved the post – the pictures are hilarious!!


  8. I would totally be the one with the “I wanted a bigger sign” sign or something funny but irrelevant.

    Also, I’ve nominated you for the versatile blogger award!


  9. that among critics it was not too well liked which I think makes sense as to why it was clencaed (not saying it should have been, Fox is mean and impatient and grrr) but just if everyone loved it better than kittens it would still be here. But the things the critics were saying predominantly was that the blending of the two genres was jarring and one said it was just being different for the sake of it O.o what show were they watching? I think the blending was done perfectly. It never jarred me to go from spaceships to horses and back to spaceships. The design just made them all fit together so naturally. I think these critics just lack imagination and are too bogged down in what society has told them sci fi must look like to see genius when they well see it But it got me thinking about the amount of my friends who I’ve introduced to Firefly and they just don’t get it. One friend who shares a pretty similar sense of humor to me sat down and watched the first three episodes and just didn’t get it I was like but isn’t Kaylee adorable and isn’t Mal really cool and isn’t Jayne so hot?? And she said it’s ok, I guess She also never got the appeal in Jayne for the simple reason that he has a girl’s name. She said she just couldn’t get past that For me, I saw the movie first because I had some trouble getting hold of the series and I don’t know if that effected my understanding -kind of warmed me up?- but when I watched the series I just got it. Straight away. And I loved it.So I think Firefly is a thing people either get or they don’t and there have been plenty of awesome shows out there like that but unless 80% or more of the population get something (instantly too, don’t worry about giving it some time or anything) apparently it’s not worth the air time.


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