A Quick “Thank You” To The People That Follow My Blog

I have 53 followers, and I’m so happy I could pee myself!  Except that I’ve already emptied my bladder.  Thank you to all that take the time out of your day to read what I have to say.  It’s nice to be heard!  Thank you for the comments you leave, for hitting like, or for passing my stories on to others.  You completely validate me.  Without you, I’d just be some crazy girl talking to herself again.  Probably in a padded room, wearing a straight jacket, which as a mom of three sounds kind of like a peaceful retreat right now.  I hope to continue to entertain you!

If I ever hit 100 followers, I’ll have to do something funny or drastic, take a video or picture as proof and post it on here.  I still have some time to think of something fun to do to celebrate that moment.  Until then, I’m always open for suggestions!

Thank you again for following my blog!  I’m having a blast, and it’s all because of YOU!  😛


9 responses to “A Quick “Thank You” To The People That Follow My Blog

  1. What a great idea Lisa! Blogging is an exciting and stressful process. I’d been thinking for months on how to show supporters how much I value them as I can’t just reach out and touch them so to speak (write). This is a wonderful way to show appreciation.


    • Thank you! I wish I could give each of my supporters a really expensive new car, because I’m not above bribing people to like me. Unfortunately for them, a very sincere “Thank You” is all I’ve got. 🙂 Without the people who take time to listen to me, this wouldn’t be any fun at all! Thanks for leaving such a nice comment!


  2. Talking to herself again… Love it! 😀


  3. It’s a slow crawl to 100 but picks up from there. By visiting others, showing them your quick wit and fun on their posts is a great way to show folks what you are about and what they can expect. Good luck! Looks like you are well on your way!


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