Man Rant Mondays VI

Welcome to the sixth installment of Man Rant Mondays.  It’s not so much “complaining” about men as it is “advice” for men given from a woman’s point of view.  As with all advice from a woman, you can either take it or be wrong.  It’s entirely up to you.

Man Rant Mondays VI:  Men and PMS

Clearly you are out of your league here.  If you know that we’re on a hormonal rampage, maybe pushing our buttons isn’t the best idea.  If you feel like living on the edge and you succeed in pissing us off, don’t act surprised and offended!  It’s what you wanted!  Congratulations, you’ve woke the beast.  Once you’ve gotten our panties in a bunch, don’t then invalidate our feelings by asking what day it is, and then saying something like “Oh, I know what this is about”.  Just so you know, it’s only half PMS.  You’re also kind of a douche.  Another thing that should never be said: “Who lit the fuse on your tampon?”  That will likely end in one of two ways, neither of which will be a win for you.  Either you’ll be strangled with said tampon (they have ropes, you know), or else we’ll end up in tears, which will make you very uncomfortable.  Please don’t mistake these for tears of sadness.  We’re just trying to throw you off your game while we struggle to remember where we last saw the scissors we’re going to stab you with.  Sleep with one eye open, that’s all I’m saying.  And never mess with the woman who’s in charge of your food.  Temporary insanity is a real excuse.

Thanks for reading Man Rant Mondays!  I hope you have a great week.


2 responses to “Man Rant Mondays VI

  1. “Just so you know, it’s only half PMS. You’re also kind of a douche.” That was the best belly laugh I’ve had all day. Thank you!


  2. I’m glad it made you laugh! Thank YOU for taking the time to read my rant!


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