Dream Cheating


I woke up from a nightmare about my husband cheating on me.  I glared over at him, snoring soundly in bed.  I reached for my pillow, grabbed it with both hands and got into the perfect position to smother him in his sleep for his indiscretions.  “What’s going on?” asks my husband.  (As if he didn’t know)  “You dream cheated, so I’m going to attempt to kill you.” I replied with ice in my voice.  “You can’t hold me accountable for what happens in your own dreams, they aren’t even real!” he declared.  “Fine” I smiled sweetly, laying back down to silently plot my revenge.  After we got out of bed, he offered to make me breakfast.  “It’s the least you can do, after all, you cheated on me last night”.  I said.  “Seriously, I was sleeping next to you all night long.” he says impatiently.  “Not in my head you weren’t!” I yelled.  I eventually found it in my heart to forgive him, but let him know that he’d better never do that again.

*The above story is mostly for comedy purposes only.  Don’t feel too sorry for my husband.  🙂


4 responses to “Dream Cheating

  1. Yep! I have dreamed my wife was spending money like an idiot and woke up absolutely furious! I would rather have her dream cheat.


  2. I totally relate! So funny! I don’t feel sorry for your husband at all… that dirty rotten dream cheater! 😉


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