Jealous Ghost

I hear about wives telling their husbands all the time “If I pass on before you, I just want you to be happy, even if that means that you remarry.”  What?!  So I figured I should have that talk with my husband.  I sat him down and informed him that if I should pass on before him, I would like him to be happy.  He can play golf, buy an expensive car, start a gun collection, whatever makes him happy.  However, should his ass decide to remarry, I will haunt the f*ck out of them.  When shit starts flying off of the shelves hitting the new wife in the back of her head…I want him to know that’s me.  When she’s floating above the bed being choked out by some invisible force from hell…that’d be me.  When she gets locked inside of the closet by some ghostly apparition…me again.   Where ever I am, I’m still his wife.  Buy a dog for Christ’s sake.


12 responses to “Jealous Ghost

  1. Yes, you possess that bitch, Lisa!


  2. HAHAHA. I actually told me wife she should remarry. I didn’t expect my grandmother to move on since she is 70 and had spend most of her life with my grandfather, but she seems to be looking at the market right now. I can’t be mad at her. Grannies need love too!


    • Aww, no, can’t be mad at anyone in search of happiness. People should be free to make their own life decisions without being judged. Except for my husband…he has no say in this matter. 😛


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    • Very valid, pithy, succinct, and on point. WD.


    • YOu have learned a lot of lossens in a very short life! You’re obviously deeply committed to learning about yourself and that’s a powerful lesson. So many people never do move out of the things that have brought pain, but you’ve used yours to be a stronger person. My best friend has raised her two daughters alone, and they are now young adults. She never did recuperate about $150,000 in child support. I will never really understand that! Keep going forward. You have a lot of life yet to live!


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