My Dad And The Leaf Blower

So I was visiting at my parents house the other day and my dad was outside doing yard work.  At one point he comes into the house asking for his ear plugs because he was going to use the blower to clean up the grass clippings.  Never one to pass up an opportunity to make fun of my dad (don’t worry, he can take it) I immediately began teasing him about his “sensitive ears” and his “old age”.  He flips me the bird, which is the main form of communication in my family, second only to hugs.  He then heads back outside with his ear plugs.  A few minutes later I hear the tornado sirens going off.  These sirens are loud enough to alert an entire community of impending doom, and they instill a sense of fear and urgency once they’re activated.  My daughter and her two friends came running into the living room in a panic about the sirens going off.   Laughing hysterically, my mom informs us that it’s just my dad’s brand new leaf blower making all of that noise.  Are you kidding me?  I totally take back all of the things I said about my dad’s sensitive ears, though I stand by my comments about his old age.  Later my dad wondered out loud if there was something wrong with his leaf blower because of the level of noise it produces.  I’m pretty sure that if your leaf blower sends every resident in your community heading for the basement in fear for their lives, then probably there’s something wrong with it.  When you turn off your leaf blower and all you hear are the sounds of dogs howling and babies crying, while all of your neighbors are glaring ferociously at you, then I’d say you got a defective leaf blower.  You might want to look into it.


10 responses to “My Dad And The Leaf Blower

  1. LOL sweetie, gotta love Dad!


  2. I love this story!


    • Thanks Jewels! I’ve got so many more stories about my dad. Some of them are funny, some of them are for blackmail purposes only. 🙂


  3. Love it. Looking forward to more about your pops!


  4. Where does one get one of these? I like this story!


  5. We love you like crazy, you crazy little shit.


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