It’s A Girl! But Not Really.

When we found out I was pregnant with baby number three, my daughter made it very clear that she wanted a sister.  She was a little disappointed when we found out it was a boy, but the minute he was born, she was wrapped around his little finger.  I suspect the novelty of a baby brother has worn off, and she’s back to wanting a little sister.  I know this because yesterday she walked into the front room with baby brother in tow.  She had put a cute little polka dot sundress on him, and fancied him up with large, dangle, clip on earings, several necklaces and oversized Hollywood style sunglasses.  She asked me if she could “paint his nails”, to which I replied “not today”.  If I’m being honest, he was the cutest little drag queen I’ve ever seen!


4 responses to “It’s A Girl! But Not Really.

  1. Hahaha oh I used to do this with my brother. Mum was laughing her arse off, dad was not amused 😛


    • LOL! Dad didn’t get to see baby boy all dressed up because he was at work. However, I took several pictures to show him. It will also be good blackmail material during baby boy’s teenage years. 🙂
      Thank you for stopping in and leaving a comment!


  2. That is too cute 🙂 when I was a kid I wanted a little sister too and got a brother instead so I know how she feels lol, she’ll get used to him!


    • Hi Sinead! She’ll either get used to him, or turn him into a very entertaining member of the family. 🙂
      Thanks for leaving a comment!


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