Man Rant Mondays IV

Welcome to the fourth installment of “Man Rant Mondays”.  It’s not so much “complaining” about men, as it is “advice” for men given from a woman’s point of view.  As with all advice from a woman, you can either take it or be wrong, it’s entirely up to you!

Man Rant Mondays IV:  Video Game Obsessions

News flash boys:  Playing a video game gives you a false sense of accomplishment.  You didn’t really save the world sitting in that chair with the  gaming remote in your hands.  If you accidentally release a grenade in the direction of “your men”, yelling “LOOK OUT GUYS!” at the TV isn’t going to save them.  Getting chased by the police, flipping your car and narrowly escaping with your life while completing a mission for “Vinnie” in video land does NOT constitute a rough day in reality.  You can still take out the trash.  And what the hell is with all of these war games?  It’s like living in the middle of the ghetto over here, waking up and falling asleep to the sound of gun shots.  Also, my bladder is too weak for your random outburst of anger at the TV that scare the shit out of me.  I’m not sure if I need to get you a therapist or an exorcist.  Knock it off already.

Thanks for reading Man Rant Monday’s!


6 responses to “Man Rant Mondays IV

  1. Hmmm… I’m afraid I totally relate to them on the playing video games thing ~ nothing better than getting your frustrations out by killing things in the virtual world! 😉


  2. Well, you’re not saving the world making me dinner either…but I still expect you to do it…
    Bzinga! LOL. I kid, I kid. I just have to take up for my fellow men, who apparently aren’t present here. 🙂


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