One Of Those Days

Have you ever woke up to a bad omen, like stubbing your toe, or a strange homeless person in your bed, and you just knew it was going to be one of those days?  Well yesterday morning my bad omen was a decapitated bunny on my driveway.  Head completely severed.  I began to run through the list of people I may have pissed off that might be trying to send me a message.  I was mildly rude to the cashier at the grocery store the other day.  In my defense, she should have known as she was ringing up my tampons that PMS was a likely factor here, so I’m not sure why she was working so slow.  Then there’s the homeowners association.  I’m a little late paying my dues.  If it was them I feel they’ve taken it a bit too far.  I mean, call a lawyer, like everyone else does.  I looked around and whispered “Edward Cullen, is that you?” I decided that I wasn’t touching dead bunny, so I recruited my husband for clean-up.  He goes outside, and with a piece of junk mail from the mailbox, begins “flicking” the head down the driveway and along the curb into the neighbor’s yard.  Are you kidding me?!  I’m pretty sure that falls under “littering” or something.  I talk to my neighbors on a regular basis.  I can already hear the conversation:

Me:  Hi Neighbor!  What’s up?

Neighbor:  Not much.  Why did your husband leave a rabbit’s head in front of my house.

Me:  It was a gift.  You don’t even want to know what he got me for my birthday last year…

Despite the bad omen, it ended up being a pretty good day for me.  Not so much for headless bunny.

Thank you for stopping in and reading my post!


4 responses to “One Of Those Days

  1. Dogs do that all the time. I wouldn’t be too worried about people. Unless you live next to a voodoo priestess. In that case check under your mattress and don’t eat the spaghetti!


    • 29.04.2012TsvetanaImame semeen xotel na iavozir Batak koito razpolaga s 20 mesta i malak restorant.iskame da kandidatstvame za finansirane po programata za alternativen selski turizam za podobrenie i restavrirane na ve4e sa6testvuva6tata zgrada kolko bi struvala podgotovkata na proektna dokumentazia i kakvi sa srokovete za podgotovka, podavane,odobrenie ?


    • We definitely need more smart people like you around.


  2. LOL! Okay, then I’m safe. The voodoo priestess next door disappeared years ago, along with a couple of the neighboorhood kids and a chicken.


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