Curse of the Chain Letter

Dear Family and Friends:  I’ve recently received some chain letters in my email and feel compelled to clear up a few things.

I’ve already had the shock of my life.  It turns out the world does NOT revolve around me.

I don’t need my true love to call me, as he is in the bedroom sleeping.  What I really need is for him to stop using my living room as a hamper.

If the “worst disease ever” happens to fall upon me, I’ll survive.  I have a great doctor AND a great drug dealer.

I feel sorry for the man who lost 40,000 dollars because he didn’t forward the chain letter, however, I’m only at risk for losing about 10 bucks since that’s all I have to my name.  I’ll take my chances.

I’m not intimidated by “bad luck”.  I’m broke, I can’t find my cool socks, my roof is leaking and I pee a little every time I sneeze.  Bring it.


6 responses to “Curse of the Chain Letter

  1. I accidentally found your blog the other day and glad I did. More people need to be reading this. And is that a picture of a Unicorn with a rainbow coming out of its ass? Love.


    • Aww thanks! That is a huge compliment and you made my day. I’m glad you like the Unicorn picture. I found it on Pinterest and I’m looking to have it put on a t-shirt. It’s funny everytime.


  2. I hate when I don’t forward a chain letter and I die the next day…


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