The Real Signs Of Aging

When someone says “Do you want to party?”,  I enthusiastically reply “hell yeah” as I’m pulling out the Monopoly game.

When I wake up several times a night to pee, and I hadn’t even been drinking that evening.

When a friend calls at eight o’clock on Friday night and asks if I want to go out, but I’m already sleeping.

When living on the edge means I’m wearing a bra without under wire support.

When someone says “I have a surprise for you”, I cross my fingers that it’s an hour of babysitting so I can nap.

When I notice my kids are taller than me.  Because I’m shrinking.

When I get up and my body makes so much noise I’m afraid it’ll wake the baby.  Next door.

When I cough, sneeze or laugh too hard, I pee a little.

When I no longer want to do anything that requires me to take off my fuzzy slippers.

When I defend granny panties like they’re my children.


2 responses to “The Real Signs Of Aging

  1. Keep it up–laughing my ass off!


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