10 Things I Learned in Catholic Church

10.  The tub of Holy Water is NOT for making wishes so you should keep your change in your pocket

9.  It is unacceptable to play Words with Friends during the Eucharist

8.  Blurting out the words “I OBJECT” are for a court room, not a church

7.  Raising your hand to ask a question is inappropriate.  Everyone just gives you dirty looks and they never call on you  anyway.

6.  It’s “may PEACE be with you”…not “may the FORCE be with you”…

5.  I’m the only one that thinks the word “pew” is funny

4.  The collection basket is for putting money IN…not taking money OUT

3.  The priest gets to wear his robe, but everyone else has to dress up

2.  Holding a lit lighter in the air while the choir is singing is frowned upon

1.  You’re only allowed to sip from the wine offered at the alter.  If you present your own glass they won’t fill it for you


12 responses to “10 Things I Learned in Catholic Church

  1. Thanks for posting! Twelve years of Catholic School makes me really appreciate it!


  2. BTW, what did they get the best form of achievement any parent that sends their child to Catholic Schooling can get…An Atheist!!!!!!!! Bravo Yolanda, Bravo!!!


    • Hahaha! Too funny Jayme! Thank you for following my blog and taking time to read my not-so-deep thoughts! On a side note: I’d classify myself as more of a “fallen Catholic” as opposed to an Atheist.


  3. Crap^^^ above comment was me JAYME…I want FULL credit for it too!!!


  4. Haha…I get you there, I too believe in something as opposed to nothing! So fallen Catholic makes complete sense to me.


  5. Dang it ^^^JAYME again. I need to figure this replying out.


  6. Baha! This is funny! I’m not Catholic, but numbers 1,2, 4, and 7 have been relevant to me too. My boyfriend used to ask many, many questions in church.


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