Why Don’t You Blog About It…

I’ve been meaning to start a blog for a while, but in true “Lisa fashion” have managed to put it off until now. I figure if someone can start a reality show about garbage picking, then I can certainly start a blog that will hopefully gain a few followers other than just my Mom, who by the way, thinks I’m awesome. Another inspiration for starting my blog is the amount of compliments and laughs I get from my Facebook one liners. It’s been a huge ego boost knowing I’ve put a smile on a few faces and I’ve come to rely on the “likes” as a form of self validation. If my blog succeeds, it’s because of the people who have given me the confidence to keep flapping my pie hole. If it fails, it’s because of these same people, who have given me a false sense of hope that I might actually be funny. I hope you find my blogs entertaining and that they put a smile on your face. If not, I apologize, however you can rest assured that even if you do not appreciate my sense of humor, Mom and I will be laughing until we pee.


6 responses to “Why Don’t You Blog About It…

  1. I refuse to pee myself any more. I always use the bathroom before I read your blogs. Love, Mom


  2. All of you Prejmak descendants pee yourselves!


  3. Lisa, love your stuff. You are naturally funny!!!! My fave is still the cyclist and the French fries. Everyone I have shared that with has laughed out loud!!!! Truly and seriously!!! Xxoo


    • I was on a huge ego high the day you asked me to repeat that one. I’m really glad it made you laugh. I’ll try to elaborate one day via my new and awesome blog! It’s like I’m famous, except that nobody knows of me.


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